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Cloud Computing is one of the many things enterprise CIOs, CTOs and other engineers will master in delivering capability.  I believe in the power of new Cloud Computing technologies and concepts and think we should all continue our focus there. I have said, and still say, the same thing about design approaches like Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  The constructs, methods and models of SOA are good practices that result in good designs for enterprises. It is smart to separate data from application logic and smart to enable agility and mashups the way good SOA design does. But a key problem with SOA was the hype associated with it. Everyone started using the term the way they wanted to.  And every IT vendor came out with their definition of SOA.  And every system integrator tried to sell us buckets of their SOA.  And every trade journal ran SOA articles.  And too... (more)

Twelve Principles of DoD Cyber Conflict

While rummaging through old files on my hard drive I encountered a piece I wrote in June 2002 which captured in writing something I had been briefing for several years.  I had been briefing “Principles” which I had observed/learned while the J2 of DoD’s JTF-CND and then later J2 of JTF-CNO.   My theory was that just as Admiral Bill Studeman has helped intelligence professionals understand their craft better by articulating principles, I could help build understanding of the new field of cyber conflict by generating dialog on principles. I can’t take credit for any of these princ... (more)

DoD’s Joint Information Environment- Does it have any teeth?

By ChrisScott The Department of Defense’s Joint Information Environment (JIE) is DISA’s brainchild to  consolidate and converge multiple networks into one common, shared network.  There is no doubt about it:  you could reasonably expect increased operational efficiency and cost savings through reduced infrastructure and manpower if you could achieve this.  In the past year, I’ve noticed that the PowerPoint’s are getting prettier and longer.  But one of my long-term lessons learned from years of working with DoD is that Service Components don’t want to give up control, even if th... (more)

NSA and 60 Minutes: If You Want To Know The Culture of NSA This May Be Your Best Source

By Bob Gourley If you are a national security professional we most highly recommend pausing to watch the video  at this link and embedded below. It is the video of a 60 minutes examination of NSA which includes interviews of General Alexander, Rick Ledgett and several NSA analysts. It also includes first ever public footage of key NSA watchfloors and analytical workspaces. Our view: The only way to get at the truth is to listen directly to what professionals at NSA say. They are not perfect but are honest and focused on doing right. Few of us in the national security community th... (more)

DoD Issues Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Needs Statement: Wants to pilot innovative tech

By Bob Gourley We received word on this activity from Dr. Jennifer Buss of the Potomac Institute. She asked that we help spread the word since CTOvision Readers have been so helpful with requests like these in the past. Please look this over and if you can provide technologies that address this request or if you know someone who can please get in touch. These needs have been issued by DoD’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO), in support of the U.S. Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate. After collecting information, this group will conduct a solutions meetin... (more)